Extreme Engineering Beyond Your Imagination
Strength --->Strength of the Company
  • Build SWADESHI Technology.
  • Innovation & Technological Progress.
  • Shorter Innovation Cycle.
  • Strong Focus on ecology development of environmental technologies, development of new type of construction equipments & cleaner production.
  • Build technology "AT COST" un parallel to competition.
  • Offer machines at lowest price with absolute high performance and value for money.
  • Low cost production, low cost R&D and low cost products (development of new design-cost effective, efficient manufacturing engineering to reduce waste.
  • Develop manufacturing processes to give high quality and high output / productivity.
  • Continuous improving the competitiveness.
  • Create learning organization.
  • Globalization.
  • RNG products are Homologated to meet Indian and European norms ("CMVR" and "CE")
  • Success is based on innovation strategy and innovation management.
  • RNG designs are being patented and Copy right.