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11.2 Tonne
Product Overview

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Product Information


  • Mahindra 555DI, Four Cylinder, Water Cooled Diesel Engine  meeting BS-III CEV emission norms or Equivalent

  • Dry type Air Cleaner to ensure completely dust free air supply to the engine. Choking indicator provided


  • Heavy duty transmission for crane application.

  • 8 forward, 2 reverse speeds with high and low selector lever. Neutral safety switch available.

  • Heavy duty "Makhan Clutch" with Cerametallic liner of Dia 280mm

  • Max Speed – 25 KMPH (without load)


  • Front:  11.00x20 – 16 PR (4 nos)

  • Rear:   13.00x24 – 12 PR (2 Nos)


  • Vane/Gear type hydraulic pump.

  • 4 spool control valve with built in pressure relief valve for trouble free operation.

  • 3 in 1 Hydraulic Filter  top tank mounted having 25 micron Strainer

  • Suction line has a 100 mesh inline


  • Articulated power steering,

  • hydraulically controlled through two double acting hydraulic cylinders.

  • Articulation Upto 55° either side.



  • Front Wheel-

    1. Pneumatically assisted hydraulic Drum brakes (Std)
    2. Pneumatically actuated 'S' cam   FAIL SAFE Air Brakes (Optional)
  • Rear Wheel - Mechanical shoe brakes actuated thru a slave cyl

  • Parking Brake

           Air operated spring actuated fail safe Parking Brakes on Rear Axle like trucks & buses


  • Telescoping Three part, box type, hydraulically operated with one hydraulic cylinder & rope mechanism in 38 Feet & 44 Feet Boom Design (Std)

  • Telescoping Four part, box type, 2 sections hydraulically operated with one hydraulic cylinder & rope mechanism  and Fourth section semi powered in 54 Feet Boom (OPTIONAL)

  • Derricking Through two double acting cylinders.


  • 2.5 tonne line pull hydraulic winch is provided with rope tensioner for uniform rope laying on drum

  • 13mm dia anti twist steel core rope

  • 4 Fall is Standard, 6 Fall is Optional.


  • Engine                :  8.5 Liters

  • Transmission     :  23 Liters

  • Fuel Tank            :  55 Liters

  • Hydraulic tank    : 90 Liters


  • Overload Audio-Visual alarm

  • Fail safe brakes on hoist

  • Cylinder guard for protection from swinging load
  • Counter Balance Valve in ‘LUFF’ circuit for Hose failure protection

  • Audio-Visual alarm against loss of pressure in pneumatic circuit for brakes

  • Visual warning to indicate Parking Brakes are applied

  • Neutral Safety Switch [M/c will not start in gear]

  • Reverse Buzzer

  • Heavy duty Front Bumpers

  • Larger Rear view mirror inside cabin for full rear visibility

  • Audio Over hoisting alarm

  • Self Adjusting Hook Block 


  • 12V Single battery, 88 Amp-Hr

  • Negative earth System.


  • 5.5 meters


  • 8500 Kg (Unladen)